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Lipocube™ Nano


Nano-fat grafting is a revolutionary new treatment and its popularity is growing exponentially in medical aesthetics for volume restoration, contouring the shape of the face, as well as improving skin quality.

The size of the graft and the components thereof determines whether a graft is a milli, micro or nano fat.

The Lipocube™ Nano™ is a single-use mechanical device for the processing of lipoaspirate, the autologous fat tissue, into milli, micro and nano fat graft according to the depth of transfer.


The Lipocube™ Nano™ processes fat tissue in a closed sterile system with patented specific structural geometry blades coupled with a flow pattern enabling partial filtration of fibrous material. The processed fat contains fibers with regenerative cells, resulting in rapid revascularization of the fat in the injected area, thus very good graft uptake. Following images represent a comparison between Lipocube Nano processed fat vs current available nano fat kits in terms of regenerative cell population.

Lipocube™ Nano Kit

Lipocube™ Nano Kit is specifically designed and packed for the practitioners to enable the fat transfer in the closed sterile system with Lipobag™ through disposable harvesting and injection cannulas.

Liporoller™ allows you to implement Nano Fat topically to increase skin quality in the face, neck, decollete and hands.

Lipocube™ SVF


Mechanical SVF Isolation
Regenerative therapies by using autologous stem cells is the emerging hot topic in medicine. Stem cell therapies are applied not only in aesthetics and dermatology, but also in orthopedics and in cardiovascular fields.

The obstacles related to harvesting regenerative cells, usually from bone marrow and culturing these in GMP standardized facilities, is a very long process taking weeks and also very expensive. These factors hindered this field from growing widely for many years.

This changed dramatically after discovering these regenerative stem cells could be attained from fat. More precisely, adipose tissue that is derived from stromal vascular fraction (SVF) has become a reliable and effective source, containing abundant numbers of regenerative cells. Fat tissue has 500-1000 times more regenerative cells in comparison to bone marrow that is in concentration form.

Regarded as the golden standard in terms of cell count in SVF, enzymatic digestion of fat is still relatively expensive by nature due to necessities of employing expert staff, raising legal and administrative concerns, questions about altering cellular characteristics as well as being time consuming (90-120 minutes), limits its usage significantly. These factors have limited the usage of fat derived stem cells.

Lipocube™ SVF
Autologous fat is harvested from patient without the need of general anesthesia. The fat tissue is mechanically digested using the Lipocube™ in closed sterile system with patented specific structural geometry blades coupled with a flow pattern. The digested fat tissue is further incubated by mixing it with the Lipocube™ buffer solution, enhancing separation of regenerative cells from fat tissue by molecular electrical charges. The resulting emulsion is processed in the specially designed Lipocube™ device named Cell-Drive™ within a predefined RCF spectrum, and the SVF (stromal vascular fraction) is concentrated in a patented trap with a specific cell attracting coating and geometry. The SVF is applied to the patient.


Mechanical methods for SVF isolation deliver lower cell yields per cc of lipoaspirate processed in comparison to enzymatic methods. However, the composition of the cell populations in the mechanically extracted SVF are generally similar to enzymatic digestion with only slight differences.

The Lipocube™ is a state-of-the-art mechanical digestion device for the isolation of SVF from lipoaspirate.



  • There is no need for a GMP facility / Your practice is basically your lab.
  • It is an easy to use device enabling practicians high cell yields.
  • Isolation time is shorter.
  • There is no need for expert staff.
  • The manipulation of cells is minimum, a key point in legal issues.
  • It is a cost-efficient method.
  • Fully enclosed system thus sterile environment.

Cell Drive


The Celldrive is specially designed, programmed and optimised centrifuge device to isolate SVF from adipose tissue with Lipocube SVF.