Eneomey’s cosmetology is unique. It stimulates the skin’s cellular activity and enhances texture and radiance with proven anti-aging results. Each day, ENEOMEY treatment products revitalise the skin, removing dead cells and boosting collagen and elastin production. Your skin looks visibly younger: it is more radiant, smoother and the complexion more even.



Professional Products

Professional peels

Peels have been used for several decades; the method consists in a natural skin exfoliation stimulated by an active solution. This is a common and safe practice. The outer layers of the epidermis are removed to make the skin appear more radiant and reduce imperfections. Eneomey dermatological peels, performed in the doctor’s office by aesthetic doctors and dermatologists, have been specially designed to enable health professionals to offer you effective, non-invasive solutions for various skin alterations such as skin aging, pigmentation spots, acne and its scars.

A pioneer in the use of highly effective innovative active ingredients such as glycolic acid, the Laboratoire Eneomey is the benchmark in the two principal types of facial peels:

Superficial peel: A gentle, quick and easy peel that acts on the skin’s surface. Also called a lunchtime peel, this aesthetic act helps to refine skin texture, erase skin imperfections, smooth fine lines and obtain a real burst of radiance with no discomfort.

Medium peel: Acting at the level of the dermis, the medium peel accelerates cell renewal and stimulates the production of collagen, thereby attenuating lines, reducing pigmentation spots and improving elasticity. As an immediate result of a medium peel, there is an appearance of redness and flaking for 2 to 3 days. This type of peel is for skin more marked by dehydration wrinkles and fine lines and/or pigmentation imperfections.

The Eneomey professional range treats the 3 main skin indications to restore radiance, refine the skin texture, erase imperfections and even out the complexion.

Homecare products

Cosmetic care products for face and body

Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your skin. With time, cell regeneration slows down and the skin loses its vitality. The surface reflects less light, which makes it look dull and the complexion tired. Eneomey’s philosophy is to gently revive the skin’s natural repair mechanisms.
How? By eliminating dead cells and stimulating the skin using Eneomey’s facial care program. This reactivates skin synthesis to quickly restore radiance and youthfulness.

ENEOMEY creates dynamic cosmetology programs with proven anti-aging results, in which effectiveness is at the heart of the formulation of each care product. On a daily basis, experts recommend an antioxidant treatment in the morning + sun protection and stimulating treatment in the evening.


Revitalise skin in the morning with vitamin C.
The skin is re-activated with a well-balanced vitamin cocktail to form a powerful antioxidant barrier. This will be the main role of your day cream.


Dermal syntheses are boosted at night to stimulate cell production and regenerate the skin more quickly using nighttime peel treatments.

With the expertise of dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and doctors, effectiveness is at the heart of the formulation of each treatment. The know-how and effectiveness of ENEOMEY treatments thus result in the optimization of the properties and the right balance of quality active ingredients, specially chosen according to the patients.

With more than 30 years of expertise in molecules such as glycolic acid and vitamin C, the Laboratoire Eneomey adjusts its concentrations to provide the best skin tolerance/efficiency ratio. These two molecules are combined with other powerful active ingredients to target different skin imperfections.